0649               Gurney Slade – Stoke St Michael – Street

Monday to Friday  (no service on school days and public holidays) 30-10-2017

Gurney Slade Nook Cottage S-bound 0745            
Little London Sion Hills 0748            
Oakhill Inn 0750            
Stoke St Michael Post Office 0800            
Cranmore Piers Road 0807            
Doulting Abbey Barn 0810            
Street Strode College E-bound 0840            
Street Strode College W-bound 1645            
Doulting Church Lane 1715            
Cranmore Cross Roads 1718            
Stoke St Michael opposite Post Office 1725            
Oakhill Cobblestone Cottage 1735            
Little London Oakend Cottage    R            
Gurney Slade Greystones N-bound    R            




R Request drop- only calls at this point if requested to do so by passengers already on the bus
Operated by FromeBus Limited 01373 471474 with support from Somerset County Council