81    Gillingham – Maiden Bradley – Horningsham – Frome

X81  Frome – Westbury – Trowbridge

THURSDAY from 05-Feb-2015




Gillingham, Laburnum Way 0915            
Gillingham, Fairy Crescent 0918            
Gillingham, Shreen Way / Claremont Ave 0920            
Milton on Stour, Cenotaph 0923            
Mere, Square 0930            
Zeals, Bus Shelter 0935            
Stourton, Bus Shelter 0940            
Kilmington, opposite Bus shelter 0945            
Norton Ferris 0949            
Maiden Bradley, Bus Shelter 0953            
Horningsham, Holly Bush 1000            
Horningsham, Bath Arms 1005            
West Woodlands 1010            
Tytherington, Fox & Hounds 1012            
Frome, Market Place Old Post Office 1020            


Frome, Market Place Old Post Office 1020            
Frome, Styles Hill 1025            
Chapmanslade, opps Three Horseshoes 1028            
Westbury Leigh, White Horse Surgery 1033            
Westbury, Haynes Road Bus Stop 1038            
Yarnbrook, Bus Stop 1043            
Trowbridge, Bradley Road McDonalds 1045            
Trowbridge, Manvers Street 1055            
Trowbridge, Manvers Street 1205 #            
Trowbridge, Tesco    R            


Trowbridge, Manvers Street 1310            
Trowbridge, Tesco 1315            
Trowbridge, Bradley Road McDonalds 1320            
Yarnbrook 1323            
Westbury, Hayes Road Bus Stop 1328            
Westbury Leigh, White Horse Surgery    R            
Chapmanslade, Three Horseshoes 1340            
Frome, Styles Hill 1345            
Frome, Market Place Shoe Shop 1350            


Frome, Market Place Shoe Shop 1350            
Tytherington, Fox & Hounds 1356            
West Woodlands 1359            
Horningsham, Bath Arms 1404            
Horningsham, Holly Bush    R     # This journey operates only if requested
Maiden Bradley, opposite Bus Shelter 1411       to do so by passengers who travelled
Norton Ferris 1414       in on the 80 / X81 service
Kilmington, Bus Shelter 1418        
Stourton, opposite Bus Shelter    R        
Zeals, Bus Shelter    R     R Request drop-  drops at this point only
Mere, Square    R       if requested to do so by passengers on
Milton on Stour, Cenotaph    R       the bus
Gillingham, Claremont Ave / Shreen Way    R        
Gillingham, Fairy Crescent    R        
Gillingham, Laburnum Way    R        


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