Route: 82   Mere- Kilmington- Maiden Bradley- Horningsham-Warminster

Route: 89   Dinton- Teffont- Chilmark- Tisbury- Hindon- Warminster

Friday only  (no service on bank holiday) from 04-Aug-2017


82 82
Mere, Fire Station 0910 Warminster Central Car Park 1220
Mere Square 0912 Crockerton Green Bus Shelter 1229
Zeals Bus Shelter 0915 Crockerton Bath Arms 1230
Stourton Bus Shelter 0920 Horningsham Hollybush 1237
Kilmington Bus Shelter 0930 Horningsham Bath Arms 1240
Norton Ferris 0935 Horningsham Cock Road   R
Maiden Bradley Shelter 0940 Maiden Bradley Bus Shelter 1245
Horningsham Bath Arms 0945 Norton Ferris   R
Horningsham Hollybush 0948 Kilmington Bus Shelter   R
Crockerton Bath Arms 0955 Stourton Bus Shelter   R
Crockerton Green Bus Shelter 0956 Zeals Bus Shelter   R
Warminster Central Car Park 1005 Mere Square   R
Mere White Road   R
89 89
Dinton Hindon Rd Spracklands 1045 Warminster Central Car Park 1335
Teffont Black Horse 1050 Crockerton Green Bus Shelter 1342
Chilmark Village 1054 Longbridge Deverill The George 1344
Tisbury Square 1105 Hindon Square High Street Top 1355
Newton 1114 Fonthill Gifford Stop Street   R
Fonthill Gifford Beckford Arms 1117 Fonthill Gifford Beckford Arms   R
Fonthill Gifford Stop Street 1118 Newtown   R
Hindon Square High Street Top 1122 Tisbury Square   R
Longbridge Deverill The George 1133 Chilmark Village   R
Crockerton Green Bus Shelter 1136 Teffont Black Horse   R
Warminster Central Car Park 1145 Dinton Hindon Rd Spracklands   R
R Request drop-  only calls at this point if requested to do so by passenger already on the bus
Operated by FromeBus Limited 01373 471474 with support from Wiltshire Council