83 Stourton – Maiden Bradley – Horningsham – Salisbury


Stourton, Bus Shelter 0910        
Kilmington, Common 0915        
Kilmington, Opposite Bus Shelter 0918        
Norton Ferris 0922        
Maiden Bradley, Bus Shelter 0930        
Horningsham, Common Bath Arms 0935        
Horningsham, Holly Bush 0937        
Crockerton, Bath Arms 0942        
Longbridge Deverill, Sutton Veny Rd 0945        
Sutton Veny, Haytesbury Road 0950        
Wilton, Fugglestone Roundabout 1015        
Salisbury, New Canal 1030        
Salisbury, New Canal 1345        
Wilton, Fugglestone Roundabout 1355        
Sutton Veny, Heytesbury Road 1420        
Longbridge Deverill, Sutton Veny Rd 1425        
Crockerton, Bath Arms 1428r        
Horningsham, Holly Bush 1435r        
Horningsham, Common, Bath Arms 1438r        
Horningsham, Common, Cock Road 1439r        
Maiden Bradley, Bus Shelter 1443r        
Norton Ferris 1448r        
Kilmington, Common 1452r        
Kilmington, Bus shelter 1454r        
Stourton, Bus Shelter 1500r        




r Calls at these points only if required by passengers on the bus

Operated by FromeBus Limited 01373 471474 with support from Wiltshire County Council